How to Talk Money with Children

To celebrate the FPA has launched a new eBook to help Aussie parents (grandparents, teachers, aunts and uncles), have money conversations with kids. The eBook is full of ideas and activities to help teach kids the value of real money, when money is often invisible in today’s digital world.

The aim of this eBook is to help you share good financial habits with children, your own, or those you help raise. The truth is children first learn about money and how to manage it - earn, spend, save, invest, give it away - from watching and listening to adults. When we share positive behaviour and are frank about money, we create realistic expectations for children and we empower them to become financially capable adults. So, why not weave smart money lessons into your everyday moments? For ideas and activities to help kids grasp the value of money in a digital world, read the eBook now.

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