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our approach

Financial Professionals provides a fully integrated Superannuation and Administration service.

Whether you are in;  Accumulation mode, Transition to Retirement; or enjoying full retirement, we can assist you to remove all the day to day hassles and give you peace of mind.

self managed superannuation fund

We will initially assess whether a ‘Self Managed Superannuation Fund’ would be an advantage, and establish one on your behalf if required.

If you already have one we will review it for completeness and ensure you are maximising all benefits from it.

We will work with you to prepare or review your Investment Strategy to ensure that it suits both your immediate and future needs.

personalised investment blend

Financial Professionals specialise in diversifying your portfolio to provide the right balance of income, capital, tax efficiencies, and asset protection.

We will prepare and implement formal Investment Recommendations, and pro-actively monitor and manage your Investments through our ‘hands-on’ Portfolio Management Service.

stay in control

We undertake all the administration requirements of your investments but ensure that you stay in control at all times.

You authorise all transactions through a simple process and we do not  handle your cash at any time. All investments remain in your name. As a result we both rest easy knowing that your nest egg is safe and secure.

working with you

Financial Professionals works with you to identify and implement a range of strategies to best utilise the taxation and cash flow benefits of the Superannuation environment.

Transition to Retirement, Account Based Pension, Tax Effective Insurance, Estate Planning, Asset Acquisition and Cash Flow Management are just a few of the strategic areas we can assist with.

summary of our services

  • Superannuation Review and Strategy
  • Taxation Planning & Structuring
  • Self Managed Super Funds
  • Investment Review & Recommendations
  • Pro-active Investment Portfolio Management
  • Account Based Pensions
  • Transition to Retirement Strategies
  • Administration & Record Management
  • Cash Flow & Contribution Management
  • Tax Returns & Financial Statements
  • Estate Planning & Insurance
  • Compliance

our assistance

Financial Professionals looks forward in assisting to tailor your own personal solutions to your retirement planning needs.

We can also arrange for the preparation of your Financial Statements and Taxation Returns, Members Statements and Statutory Returns as well as organise the Audit of your Fund.

how we charge

Financial Professionals charge on a ‘Fair Fee  for Service’ principle.

Our Investment Placement & Portfolio Management fees are charged on a fixed and sliding scale fee basis.

We provide a full and straightforward summary of our fees in our Financial Services Guide (FSG).

We utilise the services of specialists in the taxation and audit areas and specific quotes will be provided for work required.