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lifestyle & personal fulfillment 

our approach

Financial Professionals advisers take pride in taking time to understand you and your family before giving any advice. That makes sense but is not common!!

We understand that our advice must be what’s right for you, based on what we know about you. We need to ‘become you’ so to speak, to do it right.

Everybody is different and you can tell when someone is ‘advising’ you based on what they would do or what they did for their last client.

But this concept goes much deeper if you take time to think about it.

Unless you personally know what you really want out of life & what you want for your family…. what ‘lights your fire’… where the passion lies…what drives your motivation… your desire for change within….. then we both run the risk of not getting it quite right and therefore not ending up where you want to be.

Financial Professionals therefore take the Personal Fulfillment side of our clients life very seriously and so we should…. it is what it is all about!

Financial Professionals have therefore been developing ways of addressing this vital area with individual clients for a while now and trialing ourselves in the process.

Looking at how to bring the two disciplines together in a simple structured way but remaining within our profession.

We believe we have now established a successful program using simple but insightful tools to assist you in exploring you the person and what you really want.

We see our role as a trusted confidante assisting you in a process of self enlightenment & personal focus so that you are in a better position to decide on your lifestyle choices and what personally fulfills you and your families needs in the journey of life.

program outline

understanding you first

  • Who you are
  • How you make decisions – 3 Levels of influence
  • Six human needs—commonalities / differences
  • How you filter meaning & emotion
  • Balance between yourself – family – business

deciding what you want to change

  • Discover your driving force
  • Why are you who you are
  • What would you change for more fulfillment
  • Identifying your ‘Level on Consciousness’
  • Health – How does it affect your life
  • 12 principles of vital life


  • Ingredients of an outstanding relationship
  • 3 levels of a relationship

making the change and maintaining it

  • 5 steps to change
  • Goal Setting
  • Visualise your change
  • What are values & rules
  • New values & rules to maintain your change

how we charge

Our fees are based on a “Fair Fee for Service” principle We discuss your needs and expectations and then agree on an annual fee based on the level of service required, supporting tools needed and the timetable of meetings established.