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our approach

investment plan 

To achieve financial success and peace of mind you need an investment plan that is tailored to your personal circumstances, goals and objectives.

Investment Professionals use a ‘hands-on’ approach with unwavering commitment to fulfilling your needs both now and well into the future. We recommend the highest quality and most appropriate blend of investments to create future wealth.

Ongoing and proactive portfolio management ensures your specific investment objectives are continually met.

investment principles of success

As a fundamental element of your strategic planning we ensure that your investment strategy clearly match your future needs.

For most of us “Wealth Creation” is about providing future income streams necessary to replace our salary or business income to become financially independent.

Investment Professionals will develop your investment portfolio considering all the key criteria including; capital growth, income growth, tax efficiency, protection of your assets and portfolio diversification.

clear direction and focus on those areas in our control including;

investment quality, asset sector spread, portfolio mix and correlation between specific investments.

We adhere to strong investment principles to ensure that your portfolio is strong and robust enough to withstand the variables that you are not in control of; such as the prevailing market and economic conditions as well as interest and exchange rates.

Investment Professionals understand that a good investment portfolio is structured to withstand these uncertainties over the medium to longer term. Our investment principles and philosophy remain strong and focused so that your future financial wellbeing is secured.

in-house research

Extensive in-house research allows us to monitor each investment to ensure they continue to achieve their objectives.

We provide a Quarterly Investment Management Service including additional recommendations and strategies as your personal circumstances develop and your portfolio grows.

Summary of Investments Services

strategic planning

  • Integrated tax, structuring and investment solutions
  • Matching your investment strategy with your personal and financial objectives
  • All investments are maintained in your name or structure
  • Clear objectives & outcome

portfolio construction

  • High quality external research
  • Full range of investments available
  • Analysis of income, capital gains, tax efficiency etc


  • Investment Portfolios individually managed
  • Fees charged when we do the work and not before
  • Assistance with cash flow, account based pensions


Quarterly Investment Performance Report
  • comprehensive and detailed quarterly & annual performance
Quarterly Cash Management Report
  • fully reconciled accounts
  • income and expense summary
  • superior source documents for your accountant


1. Ongoing review of investments
2. Proactive investment recommendations

key benefits of service

  • Your investment strategies are fully integrated with your overall strategic planning.
  • Your investment portfolio is individually designed and managed to suit your specific needs.
  • You stay in control at all times
  • We don’t handle any cash or hold trust funds
  • We offer a full range of investments with no restriction
  • We do not use external platforms
  • We have no affiliations with third parties who could create a conflict of interest
  • Your portfolio is constantly monitored and administered

our success is best measured by your success

how we charge

Our fees are based on a “Fair Fee for Service” principle.

We charge a placement fee for preparing and lodgement of initial investments. This represents the cost of investment research, selection, specific client advice and establishment of your portfolio(s).

We rebate commissions on investments whenever relevant.

Under our Investment Management Service we provide ongoing support, research and recommendations on a proactive basis to ensure that your investment portfolio always remains current.

There is only one ‘sliding scale’ quarterly fee to reflect ‘real cost’ size efficiencies. There is no additional platform or Dealer Group fees. No
further placement fees are charged. We provide a summary of our investment fees in our Financial Services Guide (FSG).