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our approach to insurance

protecting your family

Financial Professionals understands that an overall Strategic Plan to protect you and your family is not complete until we have protected you against unforeseen circumstances.

Not reaching your goals of financial independence because you got sick or had an accident is not acceptable.

Worst still leaving your family destitute because of your untimely demise is not an option either.

Unfortunately most people have a reluctance to address this sensitive area which means they are not adequately or appropriately insured.

full review of your needs

Financial Professionals undertakes a full review of your personal insurances and measures them against both your current position and desired future lifetime objectives.

We assess if you are under-insured, over-insured, paying too much, have out of date or inappropriate cover.

the right cover for you

Financial Professionals directly or via associated specialists can select the best insurances available and put in place quality, cost effective cover that suits you and all your business needs.

summary of our services

preparation of current  insurance registers

 - Personal        - Business        - General

prepare personal insurance ‘needs analysis’ and assess your requirements

 - Life      - Total & Permanent Disability      - Trauma      - Income Protection

review business insurance needs to ensure you and your business are protected

 - Keyman      - Workers Compensation     - Shareholders Agreements  - Professional Indemnity

  1. assess quality, cost &  appropriateness of all cover
  2. specific recommendations  for improvement
  3. review your insurance  annually  - or whenever circumstances  change

how we charge

Financial Professionals prepare Registers and Analysis under a ‘Fair Fee for Service’ principle.

Insurance advisors are remunerated by the Insurer in accordance with industry standards.

A Statement of Advice (SOA) is prepared detailing specific fees paid.

Refer to our Financial Services Guide for further details.