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business support & coaching

our approach

No one knows your business like you do, but sometimes that is the problem.

Being too involved in the operation of the business and addressing issues on a daily basis can make it difficult to clearly see the range of options available and make objective assessments.

Whilst Financial Professionals consultants have had experience owning, operating, managing and assessing a wide variety of businesses that is not what it is about.

trusted advisors

It is about having a trusted adviser who can help you step back and see the big picture, look at priorities, timing and preferred outcomes. Then set a plan in place to achieve much like what we do in the personal planning

simple proven tools

No two businesses are going to be quite alike and issues and solutions won’t be the same, but by utilising simple and proven tools and putting in place a process to identify, assess, monitor and review should most always result in significant improvements.

working with you

Financial Professionals Consultants will work with you to identify those areas we can help you with (as well as those areas we can’t) so that sound and realistic expectations are set and met over an agreed time frame.

We then work together with you not as some ‘Business Guru’ but in a collaborative team approach to help provide direction, clarity and structure. This will help you focus on the key objectives and attain greater success in your business.

key benefits of service

  • Allows insight, clarity and focus
  • Objective process and measurable results
  • Identify your potential for increased success
  • Unlock your own personal power
  • Provides guidance and direction
  • Trusted Adviser to link business & personal

summary of our services

business review and indentification of key issues:

  • Current position
  • Business objectives and priorities
  • Preferred outcomes

business analysis, performance and monitoring tools

To assist in understanding, analysing, identifying,  improving, monitoring and review of the Business. Business ‘think tank’ sessions  (as required)


  • goal setting
  • performance management
  • monitoring tools
  • team development
  • quarterly ‘business coaching’  meetings - or as required

 how we charge

Our fees are based on a “Fair Fee for Service” principle. We discuss your needs and expectations and then agree on an annual or quarterly fee based on the level of service required, supporting tools needed and the timetable of meetings established.