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the key to our success


  • Privately owned
  • Not affiliated with any financial institution
  • Fair “fee for service” principle
  • Fees charged when we do the work, not before
  • Integrated tax, structuring and investment solutions
  • High level of expertise and professional advice
  • You maintain full control over your affairs
  • All investments kept in your name
  • We don’t handle your cash
  • In-house investment research and recommendations
  • Access to high quality extensive external research
  • A full range of investments – only limited to our recommended product list
  • Investment portfolios individually managed
  • Extensive quarterly reporting, including transaction reconciliation
  • Source documents allow better co-ordination with your accountant

our philosophy

Our philosophy is based around our “client first” principle.

Ensuring that all staff at all times consider our clients needs first in everything we do.

Our aim when reviewing our clients affairs is to get to know them well enough to be looking through their eyes when providing advice and solutions that are right for them.

Only when we fully immerse ourselves in an individual’s or family’s personal circumstances, priorities, hopes and fears can we truly address what is most important to them.

our driving principles

Good long term relationships are developed by agreeing upon realistic and achievable expectations and then meeting or exceeding them.

Effective financial management and wealth creation are not the goals of financial planning but simply the tools for achieving a clients personal lifetime objectives.

Good financial planning is all to do with the journey and not just the destination.

Our best measure of corporate success is the success of our clients.