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Jenni Proctor – Career Clarity

Career Counsellor – Career Coach – Career Change Specialist

For many years we didn’t deal with a financial planner because we were sceptical that the assistance we would get would be worth the fees, and a little concerned about putting our financial matters into the hands of someone else. It was through meeting Marilyn Bee that we became aware of the outstanding approach that Financial Professionals takes with its clients. Once we understood their philosophy and the services they provide we decided to investigate the possibility of becoming clients.

We were delighted at the depth of interest that was shown not just in our business affairs but also in our future plans and dreams. What matters in our lives was paramount to the advice that was given, so we felt that we were in charge but with the support of knowledge and professionalism that we so needed.

My only regret is that I didn’t do this many years sooner. Our business structures are now in place, long overdue. Our self-managed superannuation fund is a reality. Financial goals are clearly articulated. Perhaps the thing that I most appreciate is having someone that I can contact to ask the questions regarding specific financial issues. We can’t all be experts at everything and it is so comforting to know that you have genuine experts, and genuine people, helping you to achieve your dreams.

All dealings we have had with the Financial Professionals office have been impressive, with immediate action when tasks need to be done and assistance if help is required.

Thank you Ross, Marilyn and all the team at Financial Professionals.

Jenni Proctor